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How to choose the best web hosting

Best web hosting. What is important with a hosting provider? “Best hosting comes down to 3 words: speed, support and security,” said Adam Berry, director at Wingard Creative. Nasdaq Simon Ball, head of digital media services at Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, said scalability is also key. “You need the ability to quickly increase your website as your target audience grows and the flexibility for sudden high traffic jumps,” Ball said.

Hosting services are available in a wide range of prices from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars. If you are just starting out, for a few dollars you can get what is called “shared hosting”, where you share one server with many other users. That’s enough to start with and is available for as little as $ 2-3 a month.

The next step could be cloud hosting which provides a certain number of benefits, as well as VPS hosting, where you get a certain amount of processing power and RAM to use. While you still share the server with other users, here you still know exactly how many resources you’ve been allocated and you’re definitely getting a noticeably faster web, all in the range of $ 10 to $ 100 a month.

What is important when choosing the right hosting?

First you need to consider what kind of technical support is enough for you. Basic customer service provides access to email and phone support. However the time it takes for each hosting to respond to your problem varies greatly. Some hosting providers even offer 24-hour phone support. The price of hosting services itself depends a lot on this factor, so you can often come across a hosting service that offers roughly the same resources for only $ 1-2, while another service with better support offers the same for $ 8-10.

There are two other types of support, the so-called “managed service” and the “non-manipulated service”. This second option only offers you support on some basic issues, while with the first you get much better support and actually your system administrator. Managed service providers will make sure your system is properly configured for your traffic load, take care of security issues, patch software as needed, and take care of backing up and managing your website.

Estimate the amount of traffic you expect (and be honest with yourself). Hosting providers generally charge for their services based on the amount of storage disk and “bandwidth”, ie. the traffic you will generate. For those who don’t know, “bandwidth” is a measure of the amount of Gb you will serve over a period of time.

If you’re just getting started and expect only a few people to visit your site daily, bandwidth consumption will be low. As long as you are honest with yourself in assessing this data, there is not much risk. For example, if you plan to serve only a few pages on your website for a few local users, you will never end up in a situation where you have cracked your limit. But if you know you’re creating a website that could overburden cheap “shared hosting”, be sure to choose a cloud-based server or a VPS / dedicated server. You can compare here 2 of providers: Siteground vs Hostgator.

Best web hosting
Understanding server types

The cheapest hosting is available on shared servers, so-called “shared hosting”, where one server can run hundreds of websites. The performance of your website directly depends on the load of all the other web pages they put on your shared server. Shared hosting also limits your access to server capabilities, generally restricting you from uploading files via FTP or SFTP, preventing access to CPU performance, limiting programs you can use on the server, and limiting the amount of databases on your website.

The next stage is VPS (virtual private server), which is like a virtual machine (simulated separate computer inside a computer). Usually hosting providers make many VPSs within the same server case, but the performance of such a server is significantly better than a “shared server”. If you are using a VPS, you should know the basics of server maintenance and management.

If you do not want to share your website with other websites on the same server, then the option of the so-called “dedicated server” remains. dedicated server only to you, ie. the physical computer that is lent to you to use. It’s the same as having a server on your desk, except it’s located in some data center of the hosting provider.

Cloud servers may be the best choice. They are usually hosted on large public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure and the like. Service providers can create any configuration that suits the needs of their customers. The big advantage of cloud servers is that everything can be constantly measured. If you happen to suddenly get a lot of traffic to your website, just pay for the service with more money, and nothing needs to be moved or refurbished.

Be careful with unlimited offers

Many hosting providers offer so-called unlimited storage and unlimited “bandwidth” for a few dollars a month. However this is often not true and is more of a marketing ploy to win over the customer. If you pay $ 3 a month for hosting, you will probably have something, hidden or in small print, about your use of the services and their terms of service, which may allow your hosting provider to shut down your website or temporarily close after a certain level of use.

There are other differences in the operating system that the server uses, and the most common are Windows servers and Linux servers, of which Linux is always cheaper, because hosting providers do not have to pay for Windows licenses on their servers. Many people use WordPress as a platform for their website and it is as such and the most widespread in the world because of its ease of use and ease of web design.

Always make regular updates and backups of your website so that you always have access to the data, media and structure of your website. Because this way you can relatively easily transfer your website to another server by directing the domain name to that new server.

Be the owner of the domain

Nicholas Rubright, founder and CEO of Dozmia Music Streaming Services, recommends that all new companies take possession of their new domain immediately. “Make sure you own the domain. That way you manage that domain, and you can always change service providers if necessary, and owning your own website on behalf of the company has become as standard as business card printing used to be, ”Rubright said.

Now that you know how to get to your website, and where to place it, you are ready for a fresh start. Don’t be afraid to make your own website, because the wordpress platform is as lightweight, much like Microsoft’s Word. Who doesn’t know how to use Word? And there is a packed youtube with wordpress tutorials, with a view from behind, how everything should be done.

Choose the right hosting for you and you have all the necessary tools to bring out a new website of the light of day.

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